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I specialize in helping sales, marketing and other business professionals who struggle to position themselves as the solution to an employer’s problems when it’s time for a career move.

Together we work on your written job application documents, strategic job interview preparation, and your confidence in communicating your value so that you get the results you deserve – fast!

Imagine that you:

  • start to get more job interviews;
  • know that your resume and cover letter are powerful marketing documents that showcase your value;
  • are confident that you can sell yourself at a job interview;
  • get on track to achieving your career goals.

I developed the KISSS (Keep It Short, Simple & Specific) concept while teaching sales and business communication courses to international business students starting their careers. It is based on my work with decision makers such as managers, leaders and executives during the ten years I spent working in corporate sales and marketing.

I quickly discovered that when I communicated in a clear, concise, courteous and strategic way I would get more sales meetings and sales. Since applying to jobs is essentially marketing yourself, and answering job interview questions is selling, the same communication rules apply to get hired.

Combining my strategic marketing, sales, and communication skills I have helped hundreds of students and clients get more job interviews and more job offers. By partnering with me, you will too!

Stop delaying the next exciting step in your career development. Contact me today!

Certified Resume Strategist CRS - Certified Employment Strategist CES

My Qualifications

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA), York University, Schulich School of Business
  • Certified Resume Strategist (CRS), Career Professionals of Canada
  • Certified Employment Strategist (CES), Career Professionals of Canada
  • Certified Training Practitioner (CTP), Institute for Performance and Learning
  • Teaching English as a Second Language certification (TESL)

Feedback & Reviews

“I felt so prepared for my practicum interviews after the Human Resources course that I took with Bart [Zych]. Every company I interviewed with offered me a position, and I was able to choose the organization that best suited my goals and interests.” 

Alina K. (Russia)

E-Commerce Manager, Fashion Industry

After a rigorous interview process, Marcus was one of over 10,000 applicants selected to fill 15 positions in a prestigious management training program with…one of the largest telecommunications firms in South America. “I…heavily relied on the ‘Challenge-Action-Result’ model favored by (business instructor) Bart Zych. I found myself answering every interview question with CAR statements. It really helped me demonstrate how I could be an asset to the company.” 

Marcus L. (Brazil)

Marketing Manager, Telecom Industry

“Like most BCIT students, I am busy and exhausted with tons of exams and assignments. But I found myself extremely excited when I attend every Communication class and I feel like I became a millionaire with your millions of dollar’s lessons and advice. Thank you again for being…my instructor.”

Kwangsoon H. (Korea)

Team Manager, Government Organization