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K.I.S.S.S. = Keep It Short, Simple and Specific

A Wholistic Approach to Resume Writing

Your resume is not just a one or two-page list of your work experience and education. It’s not just a job search document. It’s much more than that.

It’s a reflection of your accomplishments, expertise, and values. It’s a reflection of your professional development journey.

It’s your brand, image, and value proposition.

It shows how well you know yourself.

It reflects how proud you are of yourself.

It clearly and concisely communicates the specific reasons why an employer should hire YOU!

What’s your story? Who are you? Does your resume clearly communicate the answers to those two important questions? Does it clearly communicate the value you can deliver? If not, we need to talk.

Resume writing is a combination of strategy and tactics.

If you are not happy with your resume, or don’t know what to include in it, you have not identified, prioritized, and communicated the reasons why you are proud of yourself, your skills, qualifications, experience, and how you got to where you are now.

Have you identified your weaknesses and shortcomings, and strategically minimized them? Did you use correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, parallel lists, and typographical emphasis such as font size and type, bolding, underlining, and italicizing to make important parts of your resume stand out?

Little things make a big difference. You may not even be aware that you are sabotaging your chances of winning a job interview, so we need to talk.

Why KISSS Coaching?

KISSS Coaching by Bart Zych is not your typical resume writing or job interview coaching service. It’s about getting to the core of what makes you unique, identifying what makes you great, and communicating that in a persuasive and strategic way.

It’s about identifying, proudly promoting and marketing your values, skills, experience, qualifications, and education so that you can reach the next level of your success.

Here is a secret: the recruiter or human resources representative who first scans your resume is just a gatekeeper. They look for reasons to disqualify your resume. The hiring manager, the person who will be your actual manager, is the person who reads your resume in detail and decides if your skills, accomplishments and education are a good fit for his or her department or business unit. 

Are you sure recruiters and hiring managers will see your biggest strengths in the first 6-10 seconds they take to initially screen your resume (yes, ONLY 6-10 seconds!)? This is why, when you write your resume,  you need to Keep It Short, Simple and Specific, or KISSS!

Do you know how to market and sell yourself?

I have a background in business. Specifically, corporate sales and marketing. Before stepping into the role of a college business instructor I was a sales executive. I studied and applied strategic and persuasive business communication skills to make high level sales. My job was to persuade decision makers to buy. I know and apply the sales and persuasion process to write resumes and answer job interview questions.

In addition to having worked in various companies, organizations, industries, and job positions on three continents, I have participated in hundreds of job interviews on both sides of the process and experienced the different ways recruiters and hiring managers communicate with job applicants.

When you are writing your resume and cover letter, you are writing marketing materials. When you are at a job interview, you are selling. The only difference between a job search and corporate sales is the product. When you are looking for a job, YOU are the product.

I have written and improved hundreds of my clients’ and students’ resumes, including my own. I also coach students, new graduates, and job seekers to strategically answer job interview questions. In other words, I help them to market and sell themselves.

Creating a resume that tells your unique story clearly, concisely and completely, and preparing to confidently answer job interview questions takes time and self-knowledge. The right questions need to be asked, and specific goals need to be set. The most qualified person to do that is YOU, and I can help you succeed.

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