My personal and professional mission is to help job seekers, students, and young professionals develop communication skills, confidence, and motivation to take action and succeed in achieving their career development goals.


  • Master in Business Administration (MBA), York University, Schulich School of Business
  • Certified Resume Strategist (CRS), Career Professionals of Canada
  • Certified Training Practitioner (CTP), Institute for Performance and Learning
  • Teaching English as a Second Language certification (TESL)

My Story:

Patient, engaging, and empathetic are words clients and students use to describe my coaching, facilitating and training style. I developed my specialization in strategic business communication, resume writing, and job interview preparation through formal education and many years of working as a corporate sales executive and college business instructor. 

Presenting and speaking in a friendly, confident, yet respectful manner, I have been recognized for making complex processes and concepts easy to understand. I have a clear and concise communication style, which is ideally suited to culturally and professionally diverse audiences who have learned English as a second language (ESL).

With hands-on experience in various roles and industries including B2B sales and marketing, non-profit leadership, government administration, customer service, and education, I am a quick learner and an adaptable business professional. 

Feedback & Reviews

“I felt so prepared for my practicum interviews after the Human Resources course that I took with Bart [Zych]. Every company I interviewed with offered me a position, and I was able to choose the organization that best suited my goals and interests.” 

Alina K. (Russia)

E-Commerce Manager, Fashion Industry

After a rigorous interview process, Marcus was one of over 10,000 applicants selected to fill 15 positions in a prestigious management training program with…one of the largest telecommunications firms in South America. “I…heavily relied on the ‘Challenge-Action-Result’ model favored by (business instructor) Bart Zych. I found myself answering every interview question with CAR statements. It really helped me demonstrate how I could be an asset to the company.” 

Marcus L. (Brazil)

Marketing Manager, Telecom Industry

“Like most BCIT students, I am busy and exhausted with tons of exams and assignments. But I found myself extremely excited when I attend every Communication class and I feel like I became a millionaire with your millions of dollar’s lessons and advice. Thank you again for being…my instructor.”

Kwangsoon H. (Korea)

Team Manager, Government Organization

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